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Fraud Alert!

UHS Employees FCU has been notified that our members are receiving phone calls from individuals impersonating our fraud department. The phone call appears to come from UHS Employees FCU with our phone number, however, this IS NOT a legitimate phone call from Fraud Monitoring.

Fraudsters will contact members identifying themselves as an employee of the Credit Union they bank with. The fraudster will ask the member to verify their personal and account information (including PIN number), and then ask them to confirm/deny a transaction. However, this transaction hasn’t occurred yet. The member then receives a legitimate text from fraud monitoring regarding the transaction the fraudster just authorized. The fraudster instructs the member to respond “yes,” allowing them to potentially drain your account.

Please keep in mind that UHS Employees FCU does partner with a third party to provide fraud protection services to our cardholders, and in the instant that suspected fraud is detected, they may contact you via an automated text message or phone call in an attempt to verify the transaction. However, these phones calls with NEVER come from our phone number and the caller will not require you to give out detailed account information.

Please remember that UHS Employees FCU will NEVER contact our members requesting personal information via phone call, text message or email. Don’t allow yourself to become a victim! If you are ever in doubt as to the legitimacy of a call, simply hang up and contact us at 607-763-6565.