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Credit Union Giving Tree Returns!!

The UHS Employees Federal Credit Union will again host a Giving Tree this year, to be located at all Credit Union branches during the upcoming holiday season. The Giving Tree is a great way for UHS People to help UHS People who have had an extra hardship this year that may have put holiday gifts out of reach for themselves and their families.

We are now gathering names of UHS employees and their families who are expecting a difficult holiday season due to a recent hardship that has put a heavy strain on family finances like job changes, a medical condition, accident, fire, flash flood, wind damage, etc.

If you know of a UHS person or family who could use a helping hand this coming holiday, please let us know by completing and printing a need request application. On this form you can give us a few details about the hardship, the family members, a wish list (clothes sizes, child’s interest, etc.), and we will put a card on the Giving Tree requesting the gift items that would make the holidays brighter & perhaps warmer, for that family. Cards on the Giving Tree will be anonymous & only include ages & other necessary information, as we may ask you to help us deliver the collected gifts. The deadline for submitting need request application to any Credit Union branch is Tuesday, November 12th. The Giving Tree will go up on November 22nd for those who’d like to take a card off the tree and do some shopping to help co-workers who’ve had a rough year.

If you have any questions you can reach Operations Specialist Megan Gray @ 763-6268, or megan.gray@nyuhs.org. You can also reach Community Outreach Committee Chair Toni Nash @ 763-6896 or toni.nash@nyuhs.org.

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