Checking accounts

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checking accounts

Checking accounts (Share Draft)

No monthly fees. No maintenance fees. No minimum balance requirement. Just a checking account that is free to apply for and free to use. We’ll even buy you your first box of checks if you still use paper checks.

Be sure to protect your checking account from accidental overdraft. This can protect you from the embarrassment and expense of accidentally overdrawing your account.

  • Overdraft from Share: This costs $2.00 each time and may not exceed a combined total of six telephone, and remote electronic access device initiated transfer and automated over draft transfers from the same share account in the same month (Per Regulation D).
  • Overdraft from Line-of-Credit: This protection is a pre-approved loan and is free to apply for and costs nothing until you use it. When you do accidentally overdraw your account, the amount is covered by your loan. You then pay interest daily on the amount that you borrowed. If well-managed, a line-of-credit can be even less expensive than the fee to overdraft from your share account.

Online Bill Pay-No Need for Checks!

Sign up for e-statements and get online bill pay at no cost!

    • Pay your bills online
    • Schedule recurring payments so regular monthly bills always get paid on time
    • Send money to yourself, or someone else, at other financial institutions, at no cost!
    • E-bills
    • Bill pay for Members with paper statements will pay $0.50 per bill.
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Debit Cards

Though it is a debit card (the funds come from your checking account), please always remember to select “credit” at a store and always sign for the transaction. If you need cash back at a store, only then do you select “debit”, and enter your PIN.  Your PIN should be kept confidential and only used to get cash back, or to withdraw cash from an ATM. We employ sophisticated security to protect your card against fraudulent activity. To assist us in protecting your account, please give us a call if your are planning a trip outside of your local area, particularly prior to international travel, including Canada. This will ensure that our security features do not interfere with your card while traveling.

Surcharge-free ATMs

Our debit card provides you with access to more surcharge-free ATMs throughout the Southern Tier than any other financial institution. Any M&T ATM and numerous other financial institutions ATMs are free of charge with our debit card!  Ask for details. You may be paying more for ATM usage right now than you need to. We can help you put a stop to that.