Additional Conveniences

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Postage stamps

To help you skip that extra trip off-site to the Post Office during your busy day, we offer you the ability to purchase up to 10 first-class U.S. postage stamps daily at your Credit Union branch for only $0.55 each.


Shredding Assistance

Shredding all sensitive personal information, like credit card offers, old bills, statements, and tax records, as well as anything containing personal medical information, is a huge step towards protecting yourself from identity theft and other financial crimes.

If you don’t have a shredder at home, we are happy to shred these documents for you at your nearest branch. If you bring in a handful of documents, we will shred them in front of you or put them in a secure shred bin. If it is more than a handful, it will be maintained in a secure location and shred or deposited into a secure shred bin after hours. All materials are cross-cut shred before leaving Credit Union custody.