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College Students

College students sitting on steps

Having an account with UHS Employees FCU can make going to college seem a bit less stressful, we have everything you need to prepare your finances for college life.   Our accounts have no usage fees and offer a wide variety of perks, to learn more, click here.

Becoming a Member:  Are you a UHS Employee? Do you have family that works for UHS?  Our field of membership is growing all the time, making it easier for you to qualify to become a member, to see a list of the ways you could qualify, click here.  To apply for membership click here, or stop in any of our branches today.

Education Loans: At UHS Employees FCU we understand that more often than not financial aid does not cover the entire cost of going to college, this is why we offer education loans and the ability to refinance your current student loans.  To learn about education loans with UHS Employees FCU, click here.

Personal Loans: We know how expensive it can be to buy everything you need to go to college; we also know how expensive books and college living can get.  If you need a bit of extra help with those expenses, apply for a personal loan today, click here to learn more about a personal loan with UHS Employees FCU.