What is Regulation D?

UHS Employees Federal Credit Union complies with the Federal Reserve Bank’s Regulation D. This Regulation limits the number of electronic Withdrawal transactions you can make from your share accounts (savings) each month. Savings Accounts include regular Share accounts and Club accounts.

The Purpose of Regulation D

Federal Transfer Limits, set by Federal Reserve Regulation D, help to regulate the level of reserves a financial institution must maintain. When determining reserves requirements, only “transaction accounts” (checking accounts) are considered in the calculations. Transfer limits prevent “non-transaction accounts” such as savings accounts from being used like checking accounts to ensure proper classification for these purposes.

These limits aren’t unique to accounts at UHS Employees Federal Credit Union. All depository institutions—including commercial banks, savings banks, credit unions, and more—are subject to Regulation D.

What Regulation D Means for Your Accounts

Regulation D limits the number and type of withdrawals you can make from a savings account or club account per calendar month. You may not make more than six withdrawals or transfers from a savings or club account to another account belonging to you or to a third party, including online banking transfers, transfers made over the phone, and ACH withdrawals. Regulation D does not limit deposits, ATM transactions or transactions made in person.

Limited Transactions –No more than 6 per month from any savings or money market account

  • Online banking transfers
  • Automatic transfers to another account at UHS Employees Federal Credit Union
  • Automatic transfers to a third party
  • ACH withdrawals
  • Phone transfers

Unlimited Transactions

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals or transfers made at an ATM
  • Withdrawals or transfers made in person.

Tips to Avoid Exceeding Regulation D Limits

  • Have your direct deposit sent to your checking account.
  • Use your checking account, which is not subject to Regulation D, for the majority of your transactions to avoid reaching Federal Transfer Limits on your savings or money market accounts. You can make unlimited transactions from your checking account.
  • Set up all ACH withdrawals and prescheduled transfers or payments to come out of your checking account.
  • Make one large transfer from your savings or instead of multiple smaller transfers.If you have already reached the limit for transfers from your savings or club this month, you can still transfer the in person at a UHS Employees Federal Credit Union branch, since this type of transactions is not subject to Regulation D.